Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amie Potsic Skin Stories at AREA 919

Last Friday April 17 I had the pleasure of seeing Skin Stories at AREA 919  and meeting that enthusiastic contributor to the Philadelphia art scene Amie Potsic.  First, AREA 919 seems to be quickly becoming an exciting, energetic, serious and fun and entertaining venue.  This venue has two main exhibition  areas: one for contemporary art and one for decorative and antique objects. Amie Potsics photographs are large silver gelatin prints mounted on I think aluminum, frameless. Despite the main "subject" matter being

scars and wounds, I think the main subject matter is really about Amie Potsics highly skilled ability to raise that subject matter to an elegant and at the same time provocative level.  I do know that is it possible for what one usually considers unflattering subject matter to be made into elegantly photographed fine art photography.. well I knew it before, and  I've seen it again in this work.  The artist reminds us, maybe unconciously, that it takes the skill and talent of an artist of this caliber to transcend the subject matter.  In lesser hands it might seem a cheap, fast or opportunistic subject matter.  Amie Potsic turns it into photographs that invite us to learn more about the subject matter (the scars etc) and invites us to know more about her and her work.  It is truly worth the time to visit AREA 919 to see the show, the space and if you have a chance to meet Mr. Michael Garden,the owner,  whom I had the great pleasure to meet.  There will be an artists talk on May 14 at 7pm.  The show runs through May 30.  More info. can be found on the AREA 919 website.