Friday, May 8, 2009

Andrea Modica at The Pearlstein Gallery, Drexel Univ.

A year ago a I went to NYC to get out of dodge- but more specifically on my list of shows to see was work by Andrea Modica at Edwynn Houk Gallery. It was the only show I saw in NY since I became ill while I was in NY.   Along with other  shows that have stopped me in my tracks was this one.  Some of the works from the NY show and some different and I think new ones are now on display at The Pearlstein Gallery at Drexel University. I did not have very much time and so I did not differentiate, mostly because of the time factor, the works I had seen in NY from the others.  They are all by the same hand, or eye, so to speak and are therefore unified. Even though her use of a view camera makes some technical elements  possible and even though the prints are platinum/palladium, it was the remarkable combination of a skewed formality combined with  intimate lyricism and a sensitive "seeing" of light that almost takes my breath away.  I should add that I believe the larger works are digital prints on (possibly) Hahnemuhle rag.  These larger prints should be shown to anyone who thinks that the digital printing process is somehow not equal to traditional platinum prints (or for that matter, Silver prints).  These larger prints are simply exquisite, as are all the rest. What is really amazing about these images is that the photographer reminds one that visual poetry, and thats what these are, can be found in the most mundane subject matter and circumstances.  Through sheer brilliance, Andrea Modica elevates what she photographs and turns it into art.  Curiously, however- and this is rare in some photography today,  there is never a hint of  falsehood or exaggeration.I think I read that she "stages" some aspects of some of these works: it does not matter. These photographs  are not full of gimmicks, and one has the sense about them that they could have been taken a hundred years ago or a hundred years in the future. This artist finds truth that is all around us and using a rare talent pulls us in and says: "Look what I have seen".  Then using consummate photographic technical skills, turns that into photographs that are on an elevated plane, both technically and  spiritually. These photographs walk the line between photography as art and photography in its purer form as a document of literalness. I think they have a decided leaning towards photography as art. These photographs prove once again that photography can be art.

Heres the link to the Drexel site for information.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Artists Talk at Project Basho, Phila. May 14, 7pm

Mark Fields, Photographer, will give a talk on his photographs on Thursday, May 14, 7p.m.  Mark Fields specializes in Black and White Photographs.  His presentation will be on  on the subject of previsualization in his work.  His talk will begin at approximately 7:30pm, after the talk by Photography Larry Moore. The event is free and open to the public.

 P R O J E C T   B A S H O       ~       1305 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19122       ~       215.238.0928


(just 1/2 block north of Girard and 3rd street)

Please note: this info. is not yet posted on the Project Basho website but it should be in a few days.

Here is the artists main  website.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Amie Potsic Skin Stories at AREA 919

Last Friday April 17 I had the pleasure of seeing Skin Stories at AREA 919  and meeting that enthusiastic contributor to the Philadelphia art scene Amie Potsic.  First, AREA 919 seems to be quickly becoming an exciting, energetic, serious and fun and entertaining venue.  This venue has two main exhibition  areas: one for contemporary art and one for decorative and antique objects. Amie Potsics photographs are large silver gelatin prints mounted on I think aluminum, frameless. Despite the main "subject" matter being

scars and wounds, I think the main subject matter is really about Amie Potsics highly skilled ability to raise that subject matter to an elegant and at the same time provocative level.  I do know that is it possible for what one usually considers unflattering subject matter to be made into elegantly photographed fine art photography.. well I knew it before, and  I've seen it again in this work.  The artist reminds us, maybe unconciously, that it takes the skill and talent of an artist of this caliber to transcend the subject matter.  In lesser hands it might seem a cheap, fast or opportunistic subject matter.  Amie Potsic turns it into photographs that invite us to learn more about the subject matter (the scars etc) and invites us to know more about her and her work.  It is truly worth the time to visit AREA 919 to see the show, the space and if you have a chance to meet Mr. Michael Garden,the owner,  whom I had the great pleasure to meet.  There will be an artists talk on May 14 at 7pm.  The show runs through May 30.  More info. can be found on the AREA 919 website.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NYC and AIPAD: My experiences this week in NY.

I am very excited to be attending the Aipad Fine Art Photography convention in NYC this week.  This is one of  the great fine art photographic events in the world and and I look forward to being in the presence of so many artists, agents and gallery owners who care so deeply for photography.
I hope to post and share some images.  Of course it is important for the art dealers to try to promote their work for sales, but one also  knows that underlying this is there love of photography- otherwise I doubt they would be doing it.  I look forward to sharing on this Blog what I see and hear when I am in NY this week. Please stay tuned!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Photo Events; Onward show at Project Basho

Presently at Project Basho, that wonderful educational and exhibition space near 3rd and Girard Ave, Phila. are the works accepted into the ONWARD show juried this year by Peter Barberie.  There are so many photographs that I can't at this time comment on any of them individually but I can say that it is worth a visit to the space to see the work.  We should commend Project Basho for making this show and Project Basho possible.  On the Project Basho website you can see for yourself all the photos accepted into the show.  Go see it!!  Here is the address.  

 P R O J E C T   B A S H O       ~       1305 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19122       ~       215.238.0928 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

F.U.E.L, Donna Karan, Muse Gallery Phila.

What does  FUEL in Phila. have in common with Donna Karan ( DKNY) and Muse Gallery in Phila?  Me!!!     FUEL:  Presently I have 9 works of photography at the F.U.E.L collection located at the incredibly beautiful building at 249 Arch Street, Phila. The opening was an experience more like a rock show that that of a hushed  reverent opening at The Philadelphia Orchestra which so many art shows can be like.  For my own work I prefer the quiet, reverent type but this  was what Olde City needs I think.  Its impossible to comment on the  hundreds of works in the show which range from those by seasoned artists like myself and those just getting their feet wet, but its definitely worth the trip to see all thats there.  You will find something to like, hate or simply not understand.. or maybe something to  crave.   DONNA KARAN:  This month one body of my photographs "Hiding in Plain Sight" is being considered by numerous leading NYC curators, Among them Ms. Karan, for inclusion in  a show at The Hearst Corp. headquarters in Manhattan.   I will not know for some time if I am  have been included but you will be the first to know!      Still, whatever happens I find the whole thing exciting.   MUSE GALLERY, Phila.  Jan 7th begins the first day of the Muse Gallery Open Call Small works exhibit.  I have two photographic images in the show- one of them I think and expect will raise a few eye brows.. at least I hope it will.

Come and see and write me as to what you thought about any of the work in the show.  I intend to post images on this Blog. of the reception. Open Call Small Works Exhibit 

52 N 2nd St

Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215) 627-531047 artists submitted 85 works of art for the exhbiition. All of the work will be hung in salon style. 

Exhibition dates: Jan 7, 2009 - Jan 25, 2009 

Reception date: January 9, 2009 from 5 - 8:30 PM